About Us

Kemer Tour (Rodeo Turizm) very competitive and professional company by an experienced team who has previously organized holidays to the most beautiful regions of Turkey. Our head office is located in Kemer. Kemer Tour (Rodeo Turizm) Service is a Group 'A' travel agency and a member of TURSAB (licence number:11138) (the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies)

Kemer Tour (Rodeo Turizm) is a synergic combination of www.kemertour.com and recognizing emerging trends, Kemer Tur Turizm Ltd. has developed a modern, user-friendly. Member travel agents use it to access a wide range of travel products such as hotel accommodation, sightseeing tours, cruises and transfers. The online system functions as a convenient "one-stop shop" giving travel professionals the independence and flexibility to customize travel packages according to the needs of their clients.

The system is accessible only to travel professionals who have registered with the company. Kemer Tour (Rodeo Turizm) & Travel Service is committed to maintaining its superior professional services while offering products with good value for money. We also operate in Kemer, Antalya and other regions. In these resorts we sub-contract to local agents who provide a high standard of service on our behalf.

Our clients are our number one priority so, with this in mind, all our transfer vehicles are modern, safe (with full insurance) and, of course, comfortable. In addition, all our transfer representatives speak English, are 100% professional and will always greet you with a smile.