Göynük Canyon

Göynük Canyon

Göynük Canyon in Kemer is one of most popular sights in Kemer. Canyoning in Göynük Canyon is a great attraction for nature and outdoor sports lovers in Kemer. Göynük Canyon is one of the most beautiful natural wonders of Kemer. Holidaymakers may see great natural beauties from wonderful waterfalls to pine forests. Hiking and canyoning at the Göynük Canyon is also one of the best things to do in Kemer. Apart from that you can refresh in the beautiful natural pool of Canyon.

A substantial part of the one of the most popular trekking route of the world, Lycian Road passes by Göynük Canyon and it is a preferred place for trekking and mountain bike lovers. Also Göynük Canyon is the most suitable place along Lycian Way for camping. In the facility located in Göynük Canyon needed equipments can be found for those who like to try canyoning and hiking.

How To Go Göynük Canyon ?

You can acces the entrance Göynük Canyon by foot after a 45 min walking or with jeep safari or enduros which can be found in Göynük. When you arrive the entrance 3 km route waiting for you which led you to the Canyon. The entrance of the Canyon is charged. Visitors can find different restaurants and facilities to satisfy their needs.